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OcTOBER 14 & 15, 2022 | CAROUSEL HOTEl, Ocean city, md






A. Thinking Outside the Blocks

Patty Stine | CURR


Children love to build because building is learning. Participants will learn how to select common and inexpensive materials and then place these things in the play environment to keep children building their intellectual ladder of success.


B. Community Resources and Family Engagement

Meghan Leach-Gwynn | COMM


This training will identify the many levels of community and the resources available for the implementation of quality early childhood education programming. Participants will explore how to use these resources to engage and support the learning and growth of families within the early education program and their communities. Finally, providers will understand how both community resources and family engagement can be demonstrated within the Maryland EXCELS standards.


C. Financial Resiliency 101: Expense Tracking

Erica Young | PRO


In this workshop, participants will learn how to use an expense tracker, created specifically for ECE providers, to maintain records, categorize spending and revenue, and highlight spending patterns or one-off events. Participants also walk away with concrete tools, custom designed specifically for the business aspects of ECE, as well as training videos for the providers to ensure comfort and ease of use.


D. Connecting Quality: Personal Pathways to Excellence for Family Child Care Providers

D. Christie Berkey | PRO


Family Child Care Providers have unique professional development pathways to excellence in their programs.  With the vast array of quality initiatives available, it can be difficult to navigate the different steps along the way to achieving quality standards.  Providers will have the opportunity to discover the benefits of each quality initiative and discover the pathway to their individual professional development goals.




SA. Diseño de Política de Manejo de la Conducta en Cuidado Infantil Familiar

Laura Jimenez Parra | PRO


Este taller discutirá cómo redactar y diseñar la política de manejo de conducta que se necesita para satisfacer los requisitos de nivel 2 de Maryland EXCELS. Los proveedores de cuidado infantil familiar tendrán la oportunidad de compartir sus propias políticas de disciplina y comportamiento, así como hablar sobre sus experiencias con el proceso de diseño. Diálogo interactivo con los participantes también se enfocará en cómo conectar los estándares requeridos con las necesidades específicas de sus programas.





E. Getting CLASSy with Maryland EXCELS

Vickie DiSanto | PRO


This interactive workshop will explore the CLASSⓇ  (Classroom Assessment Scoring System) Observation tools and learn how Maryland EXCELS is using them.


F. The Bounce Back: Maneuvering Through Challenging Situations

Carlena Vaden | PRO


Have you ever felt like giving up? Have you ever wondered how you were going to make it over / through a challenging situation? And the…. you get that since of motivation to keep going. What is that “since of motivation” and where did it come from? How do you thrive in the face of challenges? This session participant will engage in an exploration of resilience.


G. Bringing the WOW!

DJ Jensen & Jody Lamberti | CURR


This session will teach you the tricks that we use to pump up the engagement and enthusiasm of learning every day. By looking at your children as partners rather than students, you will magically have additional creative support on your team. Our class will show you how to make any topic an engaging study, while giving your children experiences that touch on their interests and curiosities.


H. The Importance of Child Engagement in Play & Learning

Alan Guttman | CURR


This workshop focuses on the importance of child engagement in play and learning. In this interactive session you will learn how to define and recognize when children are genuinely engaged with adults, peers, and materials in sophisticated play and learning. Join us as we view, analyze, and discuss videos of children engaged in daily

activities to broaden and deepen your understanding of how best to support and

promote child engagement in your program.




SB. Resiliencia financiera 101: seguimiento de gastos

Charo Torres | PRO


En este taller, los participantes aprenderán a usar un registro de gastos, creado específicamente para proveedores de ECE, para mantener registros, categorizar gastos e ingresos y resaltar patrones de gastos o eventos únicos. Los participantes también se van con herramientas concretas, diseñadas específicamente para los aspectos comerciales de ECE, así como videos de capacitación para los proveedores para garantizar la comodidad y la facilidad de uso.





I. Goal-Setting for Continuous Quality Improvement

L’Ornya Bowie | PRO


In this interactive workshop, participants will explore goals: what they mean, how to create and achieve them, and the various types relevant to early childhood professionals.


J. The It Factor - Becoming a Confident, Competent Business Leader

Robert Gundling & Jahi B. Davis, MBA | PRO


During this highly interactive session, the participants will have the opportunity to write an effective description of their Family Child Care Business. This first section of a Business Plan begins to create the story of their business that captures the attention of Foundations and Lenders.


K. Program-wide Positive Behavior Support and Social Emotional Skill Development in Family Child Care Homes

Ashley Fehringer | CD


The Pyramid Model for social emotional competence in infants and young children has been a corner stone for supporting children's social emotional development and providing positive behavior support in child care centers and public pre K for years. However, the application of the model looks different in a family child care home. If you are interested in learning about how the Pyramid Model can support the social emotional and behavioral needs of children in your family child care home than this session is for you! In the session we will review key principles of the Pyramid Model and considerations for program-wide implementation.


L. For the Health of It

Amanda Holden | COMM


Finding the right health insurance plan for you and your employees can be confusing. Maryland Health Connection can help. Maryland Health Connection is the state’s marketplace for Health Insurance that makes it easy to shop for quality health plans from familiar insurance companies, like CareFirst, Kaiser Permanente and UnitedHealthCare. This workshop takes a deep dive in explaining health benefits, what’s covered, how to enroll, and all of the insurance terminology that has your head spinning. In the end, you will have learned how to select the right plan for you.



SC. Comprender las finanzas de su negocio: precios y márgenes

Nestor Gavidia | PRO


Los participantes comprenderán el alcance financiero de su negocio. Comprender los números es fundamental para convertirse en un negocio exitoso, especialmente para las pequeñas empresas. Además, los participantes obtendrán conocimientos sobre la gestión de sus ingresos y gastos, cómo formular la estructura de precios adecuada en función de los márgenes comerciales y las ganancias (resultado final).





M. Guide to Self-Assessment: Using the Maryland EXCELS Standards to Guide Program Self-Assessment

Thea Quible | PRO


In this training, participants will describe the differences between a self-assessment and a self-study, explore the Maryland EXCELS Self-Assessment Tools, and receive guidance as to how to complete a Program Improvement Plan.


N. It’s a Simple Story, Tell It!

Darlene Schmidt | CURR


Storytelling is an integral part of our lives.  We can enhance communication and encourage language development by expanding our capacity to tell stories. Providers will: 


• Participants will be able to identify types of storytelling available to them.

• Participants will identify components of a variety of stories.

• Participants will expand and practice their own storytelling talents.

• Participants will explore the benefits of storytelling.


O. Staff Development: If You Build Them, They Will Come

Carlena Vaden | PRO


What is meaning of finding the “right staff”? People come looking for a job or maybe even following a passion, but what is your goal for them? As management it is the goal to find the people that can fill the staffing need.  However, as a leader it should be the goal to cultivate, create, and support the people to become the “right staff”.  In this session you will began to think of your role in staff development: 


1) What does it look like? 

2) How are you building the “right staff”? 

3) What keeps staff connected to the vision and purpose of your center?


P. Walk This Way: Reimaging the Future of Family Child Care

Lacey Egerton & Karen Eisenhuth | COMM


Explore systems thinking with a human-centered design approach as we explore the mapping of the family child care system and imagine a stronger and more vibrant pathway for family child care to thrive. Participants will collaborate on the development of a systems map that connects pedagogy, business practices, and leadership to support new providers in starting their business and experienced providers in preparing for the future.



SD. Comercialice su negocio de manera efectiva

Nestor Gavidia | PRO


Comercializar sus productos o servicios es un componente crítico de un negocio exitoso y diferencia a su empresa de la competencia. Durante este taller, los participantes crearán un plan paso a paso para desarrollar una estrategia de marketing para captar clientes, que incluye:

-Elaboración de sus objetivos de marketing.

-Identificación del público objetivo ideal.

-Investigación de la competencia

-Establecer un presupuesto realista.

-Crear una estrategia de ventas ganadora 





Q. The Maryland Early Learning Standards and Intentional Learning

Dianna Aguirre | CURR


In this interactive and hands-on training, participants will identify the rationale and benefits of the Maryland Early Learning Standards, how to apply the standards to guide lesson plan development and implementation according to Maryland EXCELS requirements, and to individualize to meet the needs of all children.


R. The Skin You Live In

Deborah Wood & Renee Spears | CURR


This workshop addresses the simple but complex topic of differences in human skin color. Participants experience a variety of activities that can be used with school-age children. Handouts include a booklist for children.


S. Taking the Next Steps with Your CDA

Michele Hall | PRO


In this interactive workshop, participants will be provided an overview of the CDA process, experience working collectively with other participants to locate resource collection pieces, be provided a look at the reflective dialogue experience, and will receive resources to locate a program development specialist and the link for state funding for their materials and application fees.


T. Contracts in Family Child Care

Simon Jaime & Molly Stevens | PRO


Do you have a contract for you family child care business?

Join us to learn the importance in creating and using a contract for your business.





SE. Fomentando las competencias de lideres serviciales para un aprendizaje profesional continuo

Jill McFarren Aviles & Ana Hoover | PRO


Esta presentación interactiva explorará cómo las competencias de liderazgo servicial creadas por Robert Greenleaf, es una perspectiva y herramienta que se puede utilizar como base para apoyar a las educadoras con su aprendizaje profesional continuo.  Las participantes tendrán la oportunidad de practicar las competencias de liderazgo servicial y reflexionar sobre cómo estas competencias contribuyen a vigorizar su compromiso profesional.

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