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All information, including service provider information, provided on this site is for information purposes only. Service providers provide and maintain their information on this site and are solely responsible for the accuracy of their information. Maryland State Family Child Care Association (MSFCCA) is in no way responsible for any information provided on this site or for the services provided by the service providers listed on this site. MSFCCA does NOT independently verify the information provided by the service providers. If you believe any information on this site to be in error, please contact us and identify the error, so that we may investigate and attempt to correct the error.

The Maryland Office of Child Care ( regulates child care providers in Maryland. Before selecting a service provider, MSFCCA strongly recommends that you:

1) ALWAYS confirm the status of the service providers with the Maryland Office of Child Care,, and

2) observe, interview, and check references of the service provider before leaving a child in care with the provider.

Please remember while our goal is to provide useful information to parents and guardians, the ultimate responsibility for selecting and using a child care provider rests solely with the parents and guardians of each child.

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