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SEPTEMBER 14, 2020

   6:30PM to 9:30PM

There’s a Monster in My Closet:

Fears, Phobias and Anxiety in Preschoolers

Trainer: Crystal Ey

Duration: 3 hours

COK: 1-hour Child Development; 1-hour Curriculum; 1-hour Special Needs

Participants will distinguish the difference between fears, phobias and anxiety. Identify strategies, games and activities to help young children learn to cope with anxiety. Recognize important triggers and signs to be able to assist children in coping with stress.



SEPTEMBER 22, 2020

   6:30PM to 9:30PM



Trainer: Linda Bratcher

Duration: 3 hours

COK: 3-hour Community

Early educators look for ways to include families in their programs in a variety of ways. Family engagement represents an active partnership in which early childhood educators and families work together in intentional and reciprocal ways to support quality learning experiences. This workshop presentation will help participants plan to provide a variety of meaningful ways for families to actively engage in their programs.



OCTOBER 8, 2020

6:30PM TO 8:30PM


Trainers: Ashley Fehringer & Lisa Spera

Duration: 2 hours

COK: 2-hour Child Development

The SEFEL Pyramid Model is a national model that serves as a framework for promoting and supporting infant and early childhood mental health and social emotional development.  But how do you translate this support for social emotional development when the once-familiar family child care landscape has had to suddenly shift to accommodate for the still uncertain COVID-19 context? 

Now more than ever, the children and families’ social emotional needs must be addressed. And support to the workforce, who are working harder to engage and serve families while dealing with the needs of their own must be considered.  In this two hour webinar, we will give participants an introduction to the SEFEL Pyramid Model and how they can use it in their setting.  Participants will have the opportunity to discuss with their peers challenges and process content together. We will also introduce participants to the online full Pyramid Model training suit where they can get up 18 hour COK clock hours.  


To learn more about the Pyramid Model and the online trainings please visit their website:



OCTOBER 12, 2020

6:30PM to 9:30PM


Trainer: Crystal Ey

Duration: 3 hours

COK: 3-hour Community

Family engagement in early childhood programs benefits children, program staff, and families. The development of strong relationships between early childhood programs and families is a critical component of developmentally appropriate practices for young children. This workshop looks at family engagement as a foundation for early childhood by overcoming barriers and encouraging programs to include all families. Participants will utilize the Family Engagement Framework to develop strategies unique to the needs of diverse families.



OCTOBER 20, 2020

6:30PM to 9:30PM



Trainer: Linda Bratcher

Duration: 3 hours

COK: 3-hour Child Development

Learn how to manage challenging behaviors by defining them, learning to understand them and developing replacement behaviors to avoid them. This is a “think outside the box” workshop.


NOVEMBER 9, 2020

6:30PM TO 8:30PM


Trainer: Crystal Ey

Duration: 2 hours

COK: 2-hour Curriculum

Experiential STEM learning begins at birth. As caregivers and teachers, we recognize that infants and toddlers are very active learners and that we need to introduce the principles of STEM to them in different ways than we do with older children. In this training we will address how infants and toddlers learn, what is the role of the caregiver and teacher and how do we support STEM learning in young children, as well as what are some STEM activities for our youngest learners.



NOVEMBER 16, 2020

6:30PM TO 9:30PM

Let’s Celebrate: Thanksgiving - More than Pilgrims and Indians

Trainer: Linda Bratcher

Duration: 3 hours

COK: 3-hour Curriculum

Thanksgiving is a bigger concept than just the story of Plymouth Plantation. This workshop will provide the information teachers need to plan for children around the Thanksgiving holiday using historically accurate information and developmentally appropriate practices. 



December 1, 2020

6:30PM TO 8:30PM


Trainer: Jennifer Jurch

Duration: 2 hours

COK: 1-hour Curriculum; 1-hour Special Needs

This training addresses best practices in Early Childhood Education with regards to inclusion and behavior management. Through hands-on activities and experiences, teachers will explore and increase their familiarity with best practices, such as an engaging classroom arrangement, balanced visual schedules, effective transitions, how to best utilize classroom staff, using proactive language for behavior management, and the importance of teaching about emotions.


DECEMBER 7, 2020

6:30PM TO 9:30PM


Trainer: Linda Bratcher

Duration: 3 hours

COK: 1-hour Child Development; 2-hour Curriculum

Make staying indoors fun and educational, too. Lots of new ideas for all ages, preschool through school age will be presented through hands-on activities.



DECEMBER 14, 2020

6:30PM TO 9:30PM

Self-Reflection – A Mirror of Success

Trainer: Crystal Ey

Duration: 3 hours

COK: 3-hour Professionalism

All too often we forget about ourselves. Self-reflection is a vital practice for early childhood educators to improve their practice when working with young children and families. In this workshop, participants will learn how important it is to have an anti-bias program and to make sure they stay in line with their professional goals. Participants will identify and utilize skills and attitudes that reflect positive, responsible, sensitive, and respectful attitudes in working with all children and their families.




Crystal Ey is President and Executive Director of LiteBrite LLC, an MSDE approved training and consulting company. At the cornerstone of Crystal’s passion for providing the highest quality professional development, is her dedication to children and families. LiteBrite LLC supports our early care community of providers and teachers across the state of Maryland and beyond its borders into multiple states. Crystal is proud to have partnered LiteBrite LLC with Johns Hopkins Center for Technology in Education and The University of Maryland to support the roll out of the Early Learning Assessment, the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment and the MSDE Approved Pre-K Curriculum. A graduate of Salisbury State University with a degree in Elementary Education, Crystal’s career spans over 28 years as a Harford County public school teacher, homecare provider, owner/operator of The Learning Express early learning program, MSDE Accreditation Validator and certified CLASS observer. When she is not working a room, hands flying, you can find her camping with her family and visiting the House of Mouse, as Disneyworld is her HAPPY PLACE. A budding novelist, even if it’s only in her dreams, she will always cheer for the underdog and believe teaching is never just a job, but a true calling in changing the lives of our children.


Linda Bratcher has been an Early Education Training Facilitator since 2006 and has had over 120 of her workshops approved by MSDE. She has been privileged to provide professional development classes at the National Family Child Care Association Conference, Maryland State Family Child Care Conferences and Maryland State Child Care Association Conference in Ocean City, Maryland as well as for local childcare, preschool and family early educators.

Linda’s dedication to children began in 1973 as a registered family childcare provider and ended, after 47 years in the field, when she closed her last location of The Children’s Corner Child Care Centers which had locations in Baltimore City, Baltimore County and Harford County.

Linda understands both the joys and the challenges of providing quality care for children of all ages. She willingly shares relevant professional experiences during each presentation, all of which are appropriate for veteran teachers as well as novices. Her “stories” are known to be a welcome component of just about every class!

In addition to professional development, Linda also provides coaching services in all areas of program operations, including last minute “Oh no, Licensing is coming!” panic attacks and non-compliance issues. Assistance with The Environmental Rating Scale and Maryland Pyramid Model SEFEL is also available.

Ashley Fehringer, MPH, is an early childhood training and coaching specialist with the Institute for Innovation and Implementation. In this role, she develops and manages training activities to support the implementation of the Pyramid Model in child care settings, with early intervention providers and parents throughout the state of Maryland. Ms. Fehringer is also certified to provide coaching using the Practice Based Coaching model and to administer the Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool (TPOT) to support the implementation of Pyramid Model practices both in the classroom and system wide. Ms. Fehringer comes to this work with seven years of experience in early childhood development and education, adult education and skills transfer, sexual and reproductive health, and public health research projects. She has worked with non-profits and state health departments in the US as well as in global development settings in Africa and Latin America. Ms. Fehringer completed her MPH at Tulane University and her Bachelors in Biology at Penn State University.



Lisa is a national trainer and coach working primarily with implementation of the FOCUS (intermediate level care coordination) practice model and with the Pyramid Model/PIEC (Parents Infants Early Childhood) team at The Institute. Lisa earned her Master of Science in Counseling at McDaniel College in MD, and is currently certified as an NCC/NCSC and LGPC. Lisa has 20 years of public school experience where she served children and families in a variety of roles including classroom teacher, school counselor, and alternative program behavior intervention specialist. Outside of the public school environment, Lisa spent several years teaching the Counseling Children course for McDaniel College’s counselor education department. She has been both an administrator for a large child care center and has been a licensed family child care provider. Her clinical experience includes counseling children and families who were homeless. Lisa's children's advocacy work includes several years volunteering as a CASA (court appointed special advocate) in the state of Maryland. She did her undergraduate study at Bethany College in WV where she double majored in both Education and Psychology (behavior management minor).


Jennifer Jurch is the Strategic Project Specialist at Project ACT/Abilities Network, as well as an Inclusion Specialist providing ECMH consultation to early childhood providers in Baltimore, Harford and Cecil counties. In this role she provides training and coaching to providers, as well as having a lead role in the planning of Project Act’s annual conference. She has worked in early childhood for over 15 years, providing early intervention services to families and children with special needs.

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