TUESDAY | SEPTEMBER 21, 2021 | 6:30PM to 9:30PM

Growth Mindset: Shifting Early Educators Mindset to Empower Students

Trainer: Thelma Hayes

Duration: 3 hours

COK: 1-hour Professionalism; 1-hour Curriculum; 1-hour Child Development

Growth mindset: What is it? Why should Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) foster it in their early childhood settings? ECEs will explore the elements that are needed to formulate a Growth Mindset within preschool and elementary students. When ECEs shift their thinking from a fixed mindset towards a growth mindset, students are empowered to take risks and achieve academic, social, physical, and emotional success. The growth mindset concepts are applicable from birth , school-age, and throughout the child’s lifespan. Supporting children to develop a Growth Mindset promotes within the child a willingness to try, fail, try again, and move towards success and achievement while building resilience and self-efficacy. In addition, early childhood professionals who demonstrate a Growth Mindset are better able to face the rigors and challenges within the field and persevere towards greater accomplishments in their professional lives.