WEDNESDAY | JUNE 16, 2021 | 6:30PM to 9:30PM

Coaching for Growth

Trainer: Lauren Bond

Duration: 3 hours

COK: 3-hour Professionalism

We all have the desire for our teams to grow professionally but we must learn the method of coaching rather than coaxing. Just as children need individualized support to learn, teachers need that same type of support and that can be accomplished with effective coaching. Coaches help teachers analyze their teaching and its impact on children. You want to be a coach that cultivates a habit in the teacher of continuously assessing and reflecting on what they can do to support children’s learning through promoting continuous self-assessment, developing new skills and improving existing knowledge. We will review the characteristics of coaching to include joint planning, observation, action, reflection and feedback. We will examine reflective practice strategies such as open-ended questions, interviews, self-assessments, observations, and videotaping. This workshop will grow you as a coach so you can better support the professional growth of the adults in your program.