Letter from your Maryland Family Child Care Provider:


Your Family Child Care Program

Given the current Coronavirus Pandemic, many families are experiencing fear of exposure, uncertainty and losing incomes. The same sentiment is being experienced by your family child care providers. While some providers have chosen to close their programs, many have remained open so that essential personnel, medical workers and parents can go to work OR work from home. This is being done at great risk to themselves and their families, but they do it anyway not only because they love and care for their children and families but also because their own families rely heavily on their income.


Weekly Tuition:

While the government is working to provide economic relief for some employers and employees like paid sick leave and family leave, family child care providers do not qualify for these programs. They also are not eligible for Unemployment Benefits because they are self-employed. If you are fortunate to continue to receive an income during this crisis, please continue to pay your weekly tuition, even if you are staying home with your children, which is the best option right now. You will want your child to have the opportunity to return to that safe learning environment when this pandemic is over. Unfortunately, if they are not paid, many providers may not be able to remain in business.



These are scary, uncertain times with things changing daily. Please be patient as we all try to navigate through this crisis and best serve the needs of all, in the safest way possible. These are unchartered waters and therefore dynamic solutions is what the world faces now. Our goal is to ensure that we all get through this historic period and can pick up where we left off when it is all over. Family child care providers care for the needs of others daily and protecting them and their profession should be a priority.

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