TUESDAY | APRIL 27, 2021 | 6:0PM to 8:00PM

Moving Up To Level 3: How To Achieve Higher Ratings In Maryland EXCELS

Trainer: Patty Auburn & Diana Aguirre

Duration: 2 hours

COK: 2-hour Professional

Max Class Size: 25 participants


ALL participants must be participating in Maryland EXCELS with a published rating of level one or two. Your registration will be automatically removed if you are not participating in Maryland EXCELS.


Diana Aguirre

Ms. Aguirre was raised in southwest Virginia and received her BA from Virginia Tech and her MA from the University of Connecticut. Ms. Aguirre began her career in early care and education as a registered family child care provider where she achieved national accreditation through the National Association for Family Child Care four times.  Ms. Aguirre has held leadership positions in local and state associations and has been an approved early care and education trainer in Maryland for fifteen years.  Ms. Aguirre currently works as a Quality Assurance Specialist for Maryland’s QRIS – Maryland EXCELS. She has also presented at local, state and national conferences. Ms. Aguirre is an active member of the National Association of Family Child Care’s Accreditation Council which is tasked with monitoring the accreditation standards, following current best practice research and development, and implementing national standards that reflect best practice in a family child care environment.  Through her work with the local association and the NAFCC Ms. Aguirre has been both a formal and informal mentor to early care and education professionals as they implement high quality programming.  Ms. Aguirre is a reliable Business Administrative Scale validator, a Zero to Three Infant and Toddler Critical Competencies trainer, a Strengthening Business Practices trainer, a WIDA Early Educator trainer, and an active member of the NAFCC and the MDAEYC local chapter.

Patty Auburn

Patty Aburn’s passion has been in Early Childhood Education for over 25 years. She has a B.S degree in Psychology, a certification in Early Childhood Education, and a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Patty has several years of teaching experience as a Head Start teacher, kindergarten, and third grade teacher in the Maryland Public School System. She also taught in the Albuquerque Public School system when she and her husband lived out West.

Patty is currently working as a Baltimore City Quality Assurance Specialist with the Maryland State Department of Education in the Division of Early Childhood for the Maryland EXCELS Branch. A Quality Assurance Specialist’s goal is to increase the quality of care for providers, provide training, workgroups, and offer one on one technical assistance to centers and home-based providers who serve children from infancy to school age. 


Patty continues to broaden her experiences, recently becoming a preschool and toddler CLASS assessor, an MSDE Accreditation Validator, and a Coach for the MSDE Pre-K expansion grant. She thrives to stay abreast in new initiatives in the field of Early Childhood.

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